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How to generate a detailed NSD after a tool crash.


If you are experiencing a Notes client crash when using one of our tools and able to produce an NSD please recreate the crash while using one of the below PDB files that will ensure the NSD contains enhanced troubleshooting data for our developers to investigate.

*Note:  If you are running a version prior to e32.1 please upgrade to see if your crash has been resolved before attempting the below.  


1) Download the appropriate PDB file using the link for your tool below:

Analyzer CIAO Client Configurator
Delta Design Manager Profiler
Undo Validator CIAO Server (32 Bit)
CIAO Server (64 Bit)    


2) Place the appropriate PDB file into your notes executable folder ensuring any notes, designer or admin clients are closed.

3) Start your notes client and recreate your crash allowing an NSD to be created.   Please do not manually close or cancel the NSD generation.

4) Once it is created please send us any NSD and javacore log files that have been created at the same timestamp as your crash.




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