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How can I change the scanning workstation used by Adviser?


As Adviser uses a scanning component that involves a workstation based Notes client you may at times need to change which workstation you would like to use for this purpose.


You may change the scanning workstation to another system by: 

1) Disable the workstation on the other computer (if running) by restarting Notes on that computer and then deleting the local TSAdviserWs.NSF database.

2) On the system you want to run the Adviser workstation on, delete TSadviserWs.nsf locally if it exists (again you may need to restart the Notes client first if it gives you the error that it's in use)

3) Open the server Adviser database from the new target computer, select 'views > all' and find the document based on the form jWorksation; delete it.

4) Close and reopen the server adviser on the target computer and click "Enable workstation processing" - this will create a new TSAdviserWs.nsf and configure and enable it.

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