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How do I upgrade Teamstudio Adviser?


You may upgrade Teamstudio Adviser by first obtaining the most recent release from our website here.

After downloading the most recent release, simply perform the following steps. 

  1. Sign the new template with the appropriate ID to run on the server
  2. Refresh the design of the server Adviser database from the new template
  3. Restart the HTTP task on the server using the command "restart service http"  (note that "tell http restart" will not release the JVM and update the new code)
  4. Exit the Notes client acting as the workstation completely (checking task manager) and relaunch, to allow the agent to pick up the new code
  5. Within about 5 minutes the workstation agent should restart
  6. From the server database, in the Notes client, choose Actions > Set Log Level and choose debug.  This will create two Jobs in the web UI, when they are complete, debug logging (including memory usage during scanning) will be enabled


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