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I'm having trouble running Adviser. What can I check?


When installing Adviser there are several steps that need to be completed and environment conditions/requirements to be aware of.   Please ensure that you have performed the following steps as per our install documentation here:

1) The server side NSF is installed on a Domino server of minimum version 8.5.3 FP3 UP1 with the http task/web server enabled and running.

2) The scanning workstation is setup on a Notes client of minimum version 8.5.3 FP3 UP1.

3) The ID file being used to login to the scanning workstation Notes client is the same that signed the Adviser NSF on the local workstation during install.

4) You have enabled the Notes client settings on the scanning workstation to allow: 

  1. Notes Preferences / Basic Notes Client Configuration - 'Enable scheduled local agents' is checked.
  2. User security option 'Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs' is checked.

5) You have enabled the scheduled agent in the design of TSAdviserWS.NSF on the scanning workstation and ensured the agent 'Run on' is correctly set to the local workstation.

6) You are running the latest version of Adviser.  Please check the current release here.

If you continue to have trouble you may look within the Adviser NSF on your server from a Notes client and check under the logs view.   If you see any errors being reported you can send them to us and we will be happy to assist you with your issue.


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