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How do I schedule daily scans in Adviser?


Since Adviser extracts activity data from the server's log.nsf, which by default keeps 10 days of data, it's important to run Usage Scans on a regular basis to insure the data is up-to-date and without gaps.

To enable nightly scanning, open the Adviser server application in Domino Designer, navigate to Agents, and enable the agent Schedule Nightly Scan.  When prompted for the server to run on, choose the server on which the server application resides.  Check that the agent is signed with an ID capable of running scheduled agents on that  server.

By default, this agent will run once daily, at 1:00 AM.  The run time can be modified to another time if desired.

The Schedule Nightly Scan agent initiates the same process as triggering a manual scan using the Scan Now button in the application.  The scan will update Catalog information, import Usage since the last scan, and recalculate any affected metrics.  Workstation processing must be enabled for the scan request to be processed. 

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