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How to migrate CIAO! Server to a new Domino server.


To migrate CIAO to a new server you will need to consider a few things before you start the process.

If the new server has a different server name than the existing one, migrating CIAO is a major undertaking. One of the reasons is that path names are used to track all history for all databases. As a result, changing the server name would, in fact, break that history.

To maintain that history, one will need to either use Teamstudio Configurator or write a custom agent to change the server names in the CIAO! Configuration database, all CIAO log databases, and any other databases related to CIAO.

CIAO! Server

  1. Install CIAO! Server on the new Domino server.  See here.

Applications Files

  1. Replicate all development databases to the new Dev server, ideally, keep the same file pathnames


  1. Copy the teamstudio.ini from the old server to the new server ensuring that they key will work with the version of the product you installed on the new server.
  2. Ensure that the path to the configuration is correct that you will be copying over from the old server.

CIAO! Configuration Database

  1. Copy/Replicate the CIAO! Configuration database to the new Dev server
  2. Using Teamstudio Configurator (or a custom made agent), search and replace the old server name with the new one in the documents

CIAO! Log Database(s)

  1. Copy/Replicate the CIAO! Log database(s) to the new Dev server.
  2. In each CIAO Log on the new server, select the whole history for a database and run Actions, Repair Selected History. Choose the new CIAO config database, then choose the CIAO configuration document that relates to the selected history.
  3. Open the database on the new server in the CIAO client and confirm that the history has the previous versions displayed.

CIAO! Client(s)

  1. Reconfigure any CIAO! clients to point towards the migrated configuration database on the new server.


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