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How to change Adviser to use an IP address vs hostname.


In some cases you may need to setup Adviser using an IP address instead of the hostname that it will auto-configure with during the installation and setup.  If you need to you can simply change the hostname by:

1) Open the TSAdviserWS.nsf database on the scanning workstation.

2) Select the 'uvWorkstationConfig' view and open the Workstation configuration document.

3) Edit the document and change the 'HTTP HostName' field to the IP address of your server.

4) Save the changes and restart the Lotus Notes client on the scanning workstation.

5) Next open the Adviser.nsf on your server and go to the 'jVWorkstations' view and delete the workstation document.

6) Launch another scan and after 5 or 10 mins your scans should be running using the assigned IP address. 

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