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Adviser appears to hang during a complexity scan waiting for a specific application to complete.


There may be times when Adviser appears to be hanging or waiting for a specific application to complete for several hours.  Within the web UI, you might see the application name and the progress bar stuck for several hours waiting for a response from the scanning workstation.  Typically, the DB name would remain unchanged during this time and is most likely a result of a DXL Transform crash.

You can test for this by performing a DXL transform test with Domino Designer to see if it crashes.

Try the following:

  1. Open the suspect DB with the Designer client.
  2. On the Tools menu choose DXL Utilities / Transformer and the DXL transformer UI will open.
  3. Change 'Type' to '-ALL'.
  4. Press the 'Select All' Button.
  5. Select the 'REPORT-AllLSinForm.xsl' as the Transforming XSL Resource.
  6. Press 'OK'
  7. Usually, a page will be generated and your browser opened to display the results meaning your design is not corrupted or at least causing a Transformer crash.
  8. If your designer client crashes before the page is generated you may have a corrupt element within the design of your application.
  9. At this point, you would need to isolate the corrupted element through a process of elimination.  One method may be to perform all of the above against groups of elements to identify which subset of elements may be the root cause of the crash.


Note:  If the application happens to be a mail ntf/nsf.   We have seen several times the below elements being corrupt so it may be a good place to start your investigation:


View ($EntriesOnMyCalendarByCategory)|EntriesByCategory

View ($OfflineCalendar)|OfflineCalendar 

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