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Unable to "Make Version" due to elements being reported as checked-out.


This procedure is to fix the issue when user is unable to make a version because Ciao says that elements are checked out when they are not.
The user will get the following error message dialog box below.

"CIAO!: Some design notes are still checked out. You must check in all design notes before performing that action."

• Open the local Teamstudio.ini file found in the local Notes\Data directory.
• Add or update the following line below to the Teamstudio ini in the [CIAO] section:


• Make sure to save and close the Teamstudio.ini file.
• This will enable an item on the File menu of the CIAO GUI to remove the unwanted check outs.
• Open the CIAO! GUI for the database having the issue.
• Select File->Remove CIAO Items from the CIAO file menu to remove the owner fields from the elements.
• Once complete, select File -> Make Version to make sure the error is resolved.

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