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What are the XComponents?


XComponents are a set of AngularJS directives that allow you to quickly create a basic app using cards and lists. They are built on top of the Bootcards UI framework to get a near-native look on iOS and Android.

These applications can be used with most modern PC and mobile browsers. For delivery through mobile app stores for Apple iOS and Android devices, XComponents uses Cordova. XComponents apps can support any back end that can provide a suitable REST API, including MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and IBM Domino 9.x with Domino Access Services.

XComponents follows some simplifying design principles:

  1. Card-based user interface
    User interfaces are built from a consistent set of high level objects - Cards and Lists These Cards and Lists are rendered by the framework in an optimized way for the device at hand. As a result, developers need to write much less user interface adaptation code.
  2. Integrates with Bootstrap
    With the XComponents, Card and List user interface objects are built with Bootstrap, using the Bootcards. Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular and widely used responsive web design framework.
    Use the responsive framework that you already know and love - Bootstrap.
  3. Support for online and offline modes
    With XComponents, developers can create apps that can work either online or offline. XComponents supports the LowlaDB mobile engine for offline-capable apps, and other local JSON datastores.
    Create your app once using XComponents and Javascript, then run it online or offline with the same front end source code.

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