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Common Widget Install Issues/Suggestions.


There are a number of possible reasons why the widget installers may not work within your environment. Below is a list of the most commonly related issues when attempting to install.

Common Causes for Widget Installation Failure:

1. If you have upgraded from an earlier version of Lotus Notes and already had the Teamstudio tools installed you must uninstall them before using the widget installer. You can get more information in the Installer Guide

2. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, you will not be able to install the widgets unless the User Account Control (UAC) feature is disabled or you run the Browser "as administrator" (right click on the browser shortcut and select "Run as administrator"). You must have write access to the Notes exe and data folders. With Windows XP check that there are no policies or restrictions in place that would prevent writing of the files and templates to the Notes program and data folders.

3. Some companies have Firewall or Proxy server policies that prohibit downloading of the widget code. The Notes provisioning system uses standard HTTP to get to the URLs inside the widget.xml files (note that even though the widgets specify "", they're using http). The provisioning system will download the files it needs (site.xml, feature jars, etc) and put them someplace temporary during installation. We have no control of how or where the Notes provisioning system does this.

Notes uses port 80, the HTTP protocol, and requests an XML file, several JAR files, and the occasional .ICO to display the icons in the widget sidebar. It's possible that firewall policies prohibit downloading JAR or XML files from "unknown" web servers.

In this case please download the local installer from here:

Installation instructions are in the readme file.

4. If you are upgrading the tools from previous versions you must first uninstall the previous version by right clicking the widget and selecting remove.

5. Check the NAB for a Policy Setting. Look in Policies | Settings | Desktop Settings. Under the Widgets tab see "Install widgets from e-mail or other". If it's disabled, see if it can be enabled. Or use the Local Installer

6. Speak with your Notes/Domino support team to see if they have if the enabled a Notes Policy to disable Provisioning.

7. In case you need to remove a Plug-in, here is an IBM technote describing the full process.

If non of the above situations relate to your immediate installation issue. Please contact us again by simply replying to this email and we will escalate your issue and investigate further.

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