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Can I install the Tools on IBM Notes 8.5.0?


Our policy regarding 8.5.0 is that we officially do not support it .

Our first recommendation to customers who have 8.5.0 installed is to upgrade to 8.5.1 and utilise the widget installer.

However, some customers cannot do this due to corporate policy or technical restrictions.  As well, some customers on later versions of Notes may not be able to utilize the Widget installers due to company security policies around 3rd party widgets.  

There is the following workaround that you may perform to allow you to use the NSF based installer on Notes 8.5.0 and later.

Download and install with the "NSF" installer after adding the following line to your teamstudio.ini


Make sure you add it under the [Teamstudio] tag so your .ini may look something like this:



If you do not already have a Teamstudio.ini within your notes data folder you may create a text file called 'Teamstudio.ini' adding the above entries and saving it to your Notes data folder.   There is a sample .ini file you may download below.

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