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Background process causes promotion hang/Error: "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes based programs"


During a promotion Build Manager may time out waiting for the background process. You may see the below error in the promotion log:

Error: Background process did not respond.
Check 'Don't prompt for a password from other Notes based programs' user
security settings on line 1272 in PROMOTEDATABASEINBACKGROUND

If this is the case. Please note that Build Manager may be waiting for a password to be entered within the background process. You need to go to the User Security settings in your promoting Notes client. On the 'Security Basics' tab you will see a checkbox for "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-Based programs". Please check off this box and attempt your promotion again.

It is important to note that this setting is specific to each Promoting ID. i.e. if you have multiple users performing promotions from your Notes client, or if you login using other Notes IDs then you will need to reapply this setting for each.

This property can be controlled by a central Domino policy, so it may get changed automatically if you switch it on and attempt a Build Manager promotion.  If this is the case, contact your Domino or desktop admin team.

This error may also be caused by permissions issues with the local Notes program directory.  Build Manager uses TeamstudioBuildManager.exe and TeamstudioBuildManager.dll in the Notes program directory to control the promotions.  If Build Manager attempts to copy these files from the Build Manager database design to the file system but does not have rights to do so then it can result in this error.  If Notes is installed in c:\Program Files\ then local administrators are unlikely to have sufficient rights to copy the files. 

Check for the TeamstudioBuildManager.exe & dll in the Notes program directory.

Starting Notes with Run as Administrator and performing a promotion should allow Build Manager to check for the exe & dll and copy them to the Notes program directory or upgrade them if it needs to.

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