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Why is Build Manager now asking us for a serial key? Where can I get it?


It is very important to note that as of Build Manager 7.2.  A valid License Number and Key must be entered to use the product.   If you do not activate the product with the serial keys any promotions you attempt will fail and this will be highlighted in the promotion logs.

It is very important that you obtain the keys prior to upgrading so you do not have any delay in design promotions due to this new requirements.

Your registered license holder will be able to provide this to you.   If you are the license holder and have not received your key via email.  You may contact Technical Support to have it resent.


*Please not that we only release the serial numbers to the registered representative.

 Once you have your Build Manager serial numbers you may enter them by going to the Build Manager action button, choosing settings and entering them on the configuration page then selecting OK as per the screenshot below:

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