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How do I roll back the design of an entire NSF/NTF?


If you would like to roll back the entire design of a specific version of your template or NSF you may do so by performing the following steps:

  1. Open your application within CIAO and checkout all design elements filling out appropriate checkout comments.
  2. Open the CIAO log for the watched application, go to the Versions view and choose the version document you wish to roll back to.
  3. Detach the version NTF/NSF from the log document saving it locally to your PC
  4. Perform a design replace against the currently watched NTF/NSF that you checked out earlier.   
  5. Open the application once again within the CIAO UI and checkin all design elements with appropriate comments.  i.e. "Roll Back to version x.x.x"

Your CIAO watched application should now be at the previous desired version level.

For detailed instructions please refer to page 87 of the User Guide.

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