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How do I configure Undo?


To configure tracking of all NSF files or only selected databases or folders

1. In a text editor, open the Teamstudio.ini file, which is located in the data directory.

2. In the [Undo] section, change the line that says “IncludeFiles=*.ntf” as follows:

To track the following Change “IncludeFiles” line as follows
All NSF files only IncludeFiles=*.nsf
All NTF and all NSF files IncludeFiles=*.ntf,*.nsf
Just a few databases you want, for example,
mytest1.ntf and mytest2.ntf
One directory only, for example, the mail folder  IncludeFiles=mail/*


** Note - Teamstudio recommends you only modify the IncludeFiles line if you have a very good reason. By leaving the default, you don’t have to try to remember to add a new database or update the line again for a database whose name has changed.

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