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How do I upgrade CIAO?


When upgrading CIAO! we recommend that you keep all components/modules of CIAO! at the same version levels across both the server editions, all development clients and configuration and log database designs.

A very common mistake is that when the latest version of CIAO! is downloaded, the config and log files are not updated to the same level as the latest CIAO! software.

As such, we recommend upgrading CIAO in the following manner:

CIAO! Server:

  1. Upgrade any server editions of CIAO! with the correct version for your Domino platform.  i.e. 32 or 64 bit.  
  2. Shut down the domino server.
  3. Replace the NTF templates for config & log databases.
  4. Replace/update any .dlls, etc, from the download PKG.  
  5. Update your latest serial key within the teamstudio.ini on your domino server.
  6. Start your domino server and watch for any error messages.
  7. Once you're up and running, refresh the design of any configuration and log databases with that of the new templates you placed on the server

You may find detailed install instructions for the CIAO! server edition here.


CIAO! Client

Before upgrading your CIAO! client.   Be sure to remove any previous versions of CIAO!  If you originally used the NSF installer on an older version of the Notes client.  Be sure to manually remove all component files.   You may follow the removal instructions here, for both the NSF and widget based installers.

Once your sure you have removed any previous CIAO! client.   You may then install the latest version from our Download Page following the Install Instructions.

Be sure to have your latest serial number prior to upgrading.  If you find your serial number does not work, you most likely have missed the email that we send out with new keys upon every release.  Please contact your account manager to get new keys if this is the case.



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