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How do I upgrade Build Manager?


Firstly, download the latest version of the Build Manager templates from the bottom of our Downloads page.

Unzip the Build Manager templates and save them to your local notes client.   You will notice there are 4 NTFs.  

  • bmconfig.ntf - Core Build Manager product
  • templateregistry.ntf - The Template Registry component for storing template versions.
  • workflow.ntf - The background Workflow database
  • agentparameters.ntf - The database used in combination with the run agent build step.

Your implementation of Build Manager may use some, or all, of the above templates.   Not every customer is using Template Registry for example.  Be sure your familiar with which of the modules your using within your environment.

Once you have identified which templates you use, simply replace the existing templates on your Domino server with the latest ones.   And then sign the new NTFs with any appropriate production/signing ID.  Finally, refresh the design of your Build Manager NSFs with that of new design templates.


** Be sure to have your latest Build Manager serial number prior to upgrading.  You will need to enter it in for your Build Manager solution to continue working **



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