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How do I upgrade the tools?


First you will need to remove your current tools depending on your original installation method.  You may follow these detailed installation instructions 

Please be aware that upgrading the client tools does not refresh the designs of any existing local or server based databases.

If upgrading CIAO! it is recommended that all CIAO! clients, CIAO! server, CIAO! configuration database and CIAO! Log databases are all kept on the same version to avoid incompatibilities and performance issues.  Ensure you refresh the design of any of the above databases once you upgrade the client or server tools.

Once you have removed any previous installations you may use the methods below to install the latest version.

Note: Be sure you have obtained your license keys for the new version prior to upgrading.  


Windows Installer:  Windows 7,8,8.1,10 & Notes 8.5.1 or above.

Please use the Windows Installer to install your selected tools once you have removed the previous installation.  You may download the Windows Installer for your purchased product from the product download page.



Remove the widgets 

We no longer maintain the Widget installers.  Once you remove the widgets please use the new Windows installer available from the product download page.

Please remember to restart the Notes client after both the removal and the reinstallation.


NSF Installer: Windows 7,8,8.1,10 & Notes 8.02 or below

Remove the tools

Reinstall the tools 

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