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Why is CIAO! so slow? Is there anything I can do?


The first thing to verify is that your running the latest version of CIAO! client and server.   Also ensure your configuration and log databases are also the latest and all your CIAO components are at the same level.   For example, we have found customers with performance issues who were running the latest versions on their desktops but their CIAO logs were 5 versions old.   

Once you're sure all the components are at the same level you can try to ensure that your CIAO! solution is configured in an ideal manner.   Teamstudio recommends that each watched application has its own CIAO! log.   Some customers have placed all of their version history for all watched NTF/NSFs into 1 log.    So ensure your setup has a 1 to 1, log to watched application configuration in place.

Finally, you may also perform the usual maintenance tasks against your CIAO! logs that you would do any other notes NSF.   Ensure the logs are within optimum operating parameters, for example ensure the databases are not overly large and that you archive them off every so often creating new log files in their place.


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