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Can I work offline with CIAO!


It is possible to work offline with a selected application with CIAO! but there are a few things you need to do, and some limitations to be aware of:

  • because you check out all elements as part of the process, others will not be able to make development changes to the core design while you have all elements checked out.
  • if you are not using CIAO! server you run the risk of overwriting others changes when you return and replicate your changes back to the core design.

In order to work offline you will need to checkout and take control of every element within your CIAO! watched application on its hosted server.

  1. Create a local replica of the design of the watched application.  
  2. Open the CIAO! watched replica on the CIAO! server within the CIAO! UI and checkout all elements.
  3. Replicate your local copy with the server based source NTF/NSF.
  4. Perform any offline development changes offline or remotely that you need.  Be aware that while your doing this no other developers are able to work on the source NTF/NSF.
  5. When done, replicate your local copy back to the CIAO! controlled source NTF/NSF.
  6. Finally, check back in all performed changes.   Elements that remain black, i.e. where no changes were performed.  You may cancel those checkouts so you don't over complicate your version history.


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