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Our promotion path has stopped working. What can we check?


If a configured promotion path suddenly stops working first check for any obvious causes.  

  • Has anyone made any recent changes to the promotion path?  If so, does rolling back the changes resolve your problem?
  • Any problems with stored IDs that may be used within your promotion path/signing steps?  If a push, or signing step is failing try detaching the stored ID and performing your actions manually.  If that does not work, then you will need to correct any ID issues and then store the new ID file within Build Manager.
  • Any recent ACL changes on target NSF/NTFs?
  • Any obvious error messages within the promotion log?  If not, perhaps enable Detailed Logging, run the promotion again and check for any messages/errors.
  • Any recent changes to specific build step configurations?  If it is failing on one specific step try disabling the one step and running the promotion again.  If it is successful concentrate on examining the 1 specific troublesome build step.

If you're unable to resolve, or identify the problem. Please create a support ticket so that we may assist you in investigating further.


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