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Can we customize the notification emails sent by Build Manager?


Build Manager has several different notifications, approval requests and alerts that it may send out as part of its day to day usage.  There are a few areas that you may customize if you wish so that the notifications display the information in a manner most relevant to your promotion processes. 

First, be aware that these are unsupported customizations.  There are many areas within here that you could create problems with your promotions if you're not careful.   Also, If you perform any customization of the settings and later upgrade certain Build Manager modules with a design replace, DB replace or refresh.  Your changes could be lost. So always ensure to backup prior to upgrading.

First, your going to want to find and open your Build Manager workflow database:

Once located and opened, select the 'Workflow Definitions" view under the Admin panel and select the 'Click here to Continue' link on the right side of the page:

You will now see all of the Workflow documents organized by Build Manager module and Approval levels.   For example, you can see for Notifications/Approvals sent by, or using the Build Manager module are opened below.   Thus, any of the displayed actions under that approval process may be edited to your liking.   Click on one of the action documents your interested in editing.   For example, below you can see the action document for the Approval Request under the Build Manager Approval category:

Finally, once you open the action document your interested in editing.  You will see any text/message content in relation to that action.   So as in the example below you can see you may change the text for emails approval requests that are sent out during a Build Manager promotion, when there is only 1 approver.   Simply edit what you want to customize and save your changes:

Different action documents will have varying options to change in terms of phrasing of the notifications and their behavior.   It is very important your careful when editing these documents as they could change the manner in which all of your promotions are handled.

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