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Check for existing installations of the tools


Any previous or partial installations of the tools will affect installing future versions and is why the upgrade procedure for the tools requires removing the tools first and restarting Notes to get back to a clean state. 

There are a few things to check to verify you have a clean machine:

  1. Widgets - The My Widgets area of the sidebar will show Teamstudio tools listed if the widget is present.
  2. Installed Programs - The Windows Uninstall Program list will show tools installed with the MSI installer.
  3. Icons - Within the Notes client, check for any Teamstudio toolbar icons.  If you have icons but there is no Teamstudio For Notes toolbar listed in the toolbars then they are on a Java toolbar and come from a widget or MSI installation.
  4. Files - For a list of files used by each tool refer toRemoving Teamstudio Tools of this Installation guide.
  5. Templates - The existence of Teamstudio templates will not affect future installations but will indicate previous installations.  For a list of templates used by each tool refer to Removing Teamstudio Tools of this Installation guide.
  6. Notes.ini - CIAO!, Undo, Profiler and Delta have entries in the notes.ini.  Check for the following in your notes.ini:
  • Delta - ADDINMENUS=nntdelta.dll
  • CIAO! - NSF_HOOKS=hkciao
  • Undo - NSF_HOOKS=hkundo
  • Profiler - NSF_HOOKS=hkprofile
  • * If 2 or more of CIAO!, Undo & Profiler are installed they will be listed on the same NSF_Hooks line.

See Removing Teamstudio tools for details on clearing installations.

See Removing Multiple Tools Installed with MSI Installer if that was used to install more than one tool.

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