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What do all the Validator user interface options mean?




Report All Links

This will generate report documents for all doclinks, good or bad. Selecting this option disables the No Warnings and the Don’t Check URLs options.

No Warnings

Validator will not report errors that are classified as warnings; for example, hotspots with no link specified.

Don’t Check URLS

Validator will not check URLs. Do not try to check URLs if you are not connected to the internet.

No External Links

If you select this option, Validator will report as an error any link that doesn’t point to the current database.

Assume Replicas are local

If you select this option, Validator will not look at replica databases on external servers.

Don’t check fields

Validator does not check for field errors.

Don’t check keyword fields

Validator ignores keyword fields.

Ignore empty fields

Validator ignores empty fields (fields on documents with no data).

Don’t check Conflicts

Validator does not check conflicts.

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