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Font Awesome just turns up blank. Why?


If the Font Awesome icons are not displayed correctly, first make sure that all Font Awesome resources are present in your application. Check the Sampler application to get the list of all resources.

Next, check the UnpluggedLog database to make sure that all Font Awesome resources are correctly uploaded on the mobile devices. If you find an error message such as the on below, don't hesitate to increase the chunk size in the Unplugged.nsf Advanced settings. Go for 512kb or 1024kb.

Including note: DSGN: 223A; Matches: true; File Resource: Resource: 
unp/font-awesome.css; flags=345CgQ
*** Note too large to sync!: DSGN: 229E; Matches: true; File Resource: unp/fontawesome-webfont.svg; flags=345CgQ Size=277485 Chunk Overhead=1269 

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