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I have multiple Teamstudio Smart Icons after using the NSF installer.


At various times when using the older NSF installer to install the Teamstudio tools you may notice multiple smart icons, or black 'X's showing up in your toolbar when trying to remove the tools manually.   This may also happen after trying to manually remove and reinstall the tools using the NSF installer.

  1. You may attempt to remove the duplicate icons, or 'X's by doing the following:
  2. Ensure you backup your bookmarks.nsf database from your Notes client.
  3. Open your bookmarks.nsf file within your Designer client.
  4. Open Outlines/User Toolbar and scroll down until you see the 'Teamstudio for Notes' toolbar.   You may see multiple of these, in which case delete the offending/conflicting icons you do not want to show up within your Smart Icons toolbars.
  5. Close and save your changes, restart your Notes client and check your results.

 NOTE:  You may have to edit the DesignerToolbar within the outlines as well for any duplicate icons showing up within your Notes Designer client.


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