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My Widgets won't install. Is there another way I can try to install them?


If your widgets are not installing via the normal methods you may try to import them directly into your Notes client as follows:


1) Go to the Teamstudio product download page here.

2) Find the product your interested in, right click and save the target file/link/source locally so you end up with the product .xml file on your desktop/local system.  You should see something as per screenshot below.

3) Open your notes client with admin rights (right click launch as admin).  If your running windows 7 or above you may need to disable Windows UAC.  

4) On your Right Sidebar open your widget panel and right click on the widget heading/icon and choose import.   You will now need to browse to the locally saved xml file you downloaded earlier and select, ok, beginning the import process.


5) The import process should begin.  You may see prompts requesting approval to install 'Plugins' or to accept 'ECL' rights.  Ensure you permit these.   If the import does not start, or you don't have the option to import.  Your company may of disabled 3rd party widgets via a Domino policy.  In such case you may need to try using the MSI installers also located on our download page.

6) After the widget has completed the import process be sure to shutdown all Notes/Designer clients and restart them again with admin rights (right click launch as admin).  The reason for this is there are a few tools (i.e CIAO) that will perform some final file installs/removals upon restart of the notes client.   Thus, when you restart your client you want to make sure the tools have the local access rights to complete the task.

Note:  The above import process will also work for the local widget installers.  You may download those from our Product download page.   Using the local widget installer files with the above process could bypass any issues you may have with restrictions on internet download restrictions. i.e. your company internet proxy is restricting the widget import process from downloading components directly from Teamstudio.


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