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After using MSI installers I only see the latest installed product in the add/remove programs Windows control panel.


We are currently investigating an issue with the MSI installers where if you install multiple products you may only see the last product you installed within the add/remove control panel inside of Windows.   

If this is the case and you with to remove a few of the earlier tools that are not showing up in control panel.   You may use the following workaround to try to remove them from within Notes.


In the Notes UI go to menu, File > Application > Application Management, find the entry for Teamstudio <toolname> and click uninstall.

Tools with locked DLLs (nhkciao.dll, e.g.) will warn that the file could not be removed, say OK and the uninstall will continue.

If you remove CIAO! in this manner, please look in your notes.ini and ensure that there is no NSF_HOOKS entry for CIAO!.  It may look like this:

NSF_HOOKS=nhkciao, xxx, xxx

NOTE: In order to see the Application Management option, end users may need to add the following key to Plugin_customization.ini and/or

See the following for details:

You may also be able to enable Application Management if you have access to Domino Designer client by:


  1. Go to IBM Domino Desginer
  2. Go File > Preferences
  3. Select Domino Designer from right panel.
  4. Check "Enable Eclipse plug-in install


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