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Installing more than one Teamstudio product using the MSI installer only leaves one visible in add/remove programs.


We've reproduced this behavior.

It appears to have to do with what keys get assigned to the registry regarding installs, installers, and uninstallers, and there is quite a chain of mapping-via-GUID involved.

In short, if you were to install Configurator then search the registry for Teamstudio Configurator and you'll find these keys. Then install another tool, and you can find the new tool, but not Configurator any more.

Further investigation is required to determine a fix.


In Notes, File > Application > Application Management, find the entry for Teamstudio <toolname> and click uninstall.

Tools with locked DLLs (nhkciao.dll, e.g.) will warn that the file could not be removed, say OK and the uninstall will continue.

In our tests with CIAO!, it did also remove nhkciao from the NSF_HOOKS line, but we would suggest the you verify this in your installation.

The Teamstudio DLLs don't seem to be removed with this approach, but the toolbar button is, and so long as no hooks remain installed, the DLLs are harmless.

NOTE: that in order to see the Application Management option, the user may need to add the following key to Plugin_customization.ini and/or

See the following for details:

If you require more help then please log a ticket with support.

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