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Where can I download previous versions of the Teamstudio tools?


Only the latest Teamstudio supported version of our tools are available to download online.  Upon each release of a new version the older ones are removed and updated releases made available.

If you feel that in future you will require previous versions of the tools after purchase we strongly recommend you download the version available at that time in the form of the local widget installers and save them as part of your corporate software catalog.

You may download the current local widget installer from our product page here.

You will find them under the heading:  WIDGET AND MSI INSTALLERS • For Notes Versions 8.5.1 and Above

If you require the local installer for versions of Notes prior to 8.5 you may download the NSF installer from the same page.

Thus it is VERY important to know that tools versions are only available at the time of release until the next release.

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