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Does Teamstudio software support Windows 10?


With the release of Teamstudio NotesTools Edition 32 (E32) there is now support for Windows 7.x, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.x

Support for Windows XP is no longer available in Edition 32, but you can contact support for further assistance with Windows XP.
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Teamstudio tools and other software solutions are certified for currently available operating systems at the time of our releases.

As such, Windows 10 is currently not an officially supported operating system. At the time of our first release post new operating system availability is when we certify/support our solutions for general use.

In most cases the software will continue to operate as expected.  But there will be instances when there are changes in the operating system that require additional development and updates to support.  For example, support of widget installations via the new Edge browser within Windows 10.

In the case of Windows 10 there have been several issues identified with installation of the tools.  There are 2 possible workarounds you may try in order to get the tools installed.  Please be aware that if you have specific policies in place, these workarounds may not be successful, i.e. any Domino policies restricting use of 3rd party widgets.

Two things you may attempt are:

1) Performing a Web Install:

Using the Google Chrome browser go to our product page and drag and drop the tool widget to your Notes widget sidebar as per normal.  However, it is key that you disable Windows UAC, run your Notes client with admin rights, as well as running your Chrome Browser session with admin rights.  Both of which you may do with right click, run as admin from the applications icon in Windows 10.

2) Importing the Local Widget vs drag and drop:

Download the local widget installer package from our products page and extract the zip file on your local system.  Follow the enclosed install instructions to the point of where you want to extract the folders, i.e. to root of the C: drive.

Next, instead of dragging and dropping the widget icon into your Notes widget sidebar.  Use the import widget feature in Notes to import the tools widget.  You can find this by right clicking on the shortcut menu on the top right of the widget panel window as per the screenshot below.


Note:  Some have also reported on being able to work around any Windows 10 installation problems by manually copying over any files reported in error notifications.

For example copying the files that can not be installed from the Library. 


into the Notes directory manually before restarting the notes client.  Afterwards, ignoring the error messages about the specific files that could not be copied, the tools were installed and working.


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