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CIAO! make version fails with "You are not authorized to perform that operation error".


If your Make Version fails in CIAO! with the error message "You are not authorized to perform that operation", it's possible that you either don't have the correct access rights to the database or that you are not authorized to view a database design element or that element may be hidden.

The first step in diagnosing this issue would be to check the relevant CIAO! log file to see if have access. You would need at least Reader access to the log database.

The rest of this document will show you how to find hidden design elements causing issues when making a version in CIAO.

In my example db I have 4 views. I have hidden one based on a role named “Hide”.

I do not have that role so I only see three views.


 While running the make version in CIAO you get the following error: 


 Followed by:


To see if there is a design element you can not access does the following:

Enable Client Debugging,

Put this in your notes.ini and restart the Client








You will see a console window open up with your Note Client.

Run your make version step with this window open.

When you get the error referenced above look at the logging console. It should contain data similar to this. 

 You see a line stating you are not authorized to perform that operation. That is our offending design element.

Click on the top left corner of the log window and choose edit/mark. 

 Highlight the NOTEID contained on the error line and choose Edit/Copy.

 You now need someone with Full Admin access to this database to perform the following:

You now need someone with Full Admin access to this database to perform the following.

Launch the Admin client.

Turn on Full Access Administration.


Right-click the database you want to search.

Select Find Note... from the context menu.

 Enter the note id and click find.

You now see it found view 3. Look at the entry that is the $Readers field and you will find the hide formula causing the issue.

You may then adjust your access accordingly.

Originally we were suggesting using Notespeek. But thanks to Judy Headrick from Cascade Corporation using the Admin Client is much easier.

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