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How do I send Unplugged device logs to support?


If you need to send the Unplugged log from a device to support then there are a couple of ways to do this.  

When sending logs to support, we would prefer to have a full debug level device log.  To set the log to debug:

  1. Open Unplugged on the device.
  2. Go to the settings.  
  3. Under Advanced, set the Log level to Debug.

The log can be pulled into the server side Unplugged logs by enabling Sync device log in each user profile.  To enable this

  1. Open the unplugged.nsf on the server in a browser.  
  2. Go to the Users view and open the user profile to be synced.  
  3. Click Edit and change the Sync device log property to Yes, and save the user profiler

After the next sync the devices logs will appear in the XPages Engine Logs.  You can then send us the relevant documents in a blank Notes database for us to examine.

If the device isn't syncing successfully then user will need to take a screenshot of the log on the device and send it to whoever is contacting our support so the screenshot of the log can be incorporated into the support ticket emails.  To view the log:

  1. Open Unpluged on the device
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Under Advanced, select Log
  4. Open the sync that reports the problem
  5. Take a screenshot
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