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How to Troubleshoot Installing NotesTools Edition 32


If NotesTools Edition 32 does not work for you right away, please follow this guide to help diagnose the issue.

  1. Please do not try to install E32 on Windows XP as this is known to fail.
    Please contact support for further assistance.
  2. Please make sure you have uninstalled any previous version of the NotesTools or any attempts of installing Edition 32 from your Notes client before trying again.
    Instructions for manually removing the NotesTools can be found here.
  3. From the command prompt type in the following commands
    mkdir \temp
    "Notes Tools.exe" /l*v c:\temp\toolsinstall.log

  4. Gather the following files to send into
    • c:\temp\toolsinstall.log
    • <Notes data dir>\workspace\logs\error-log-0.xml
    • <Notes data dir>\workspace\logs\error-log-1.xml

 This information will help determine what is happening to cause the install to fail.

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