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How to send Teamstudio your Notes Designer Configuration Details.


At times Teamstudio Technical staff may request that you send your Notes Designer client configuration details as well as Windows Path Variable details for any issues we may be assisting you with. Once completed you should have 3 separate text files to send Teamstudio Technical Support.

- Designer Client Configuration details text file.

- Windows System Path Variable pasted into a text file.

- User Path Variable pasted into a text file.

You may obtain/create these by following the process below:


1)  Open your Notes Designer client and go to the Help 'Dropdown' menu and select 'About IBM Notes Designer'


2) The about page will open up and you will have a button for 'Configuration'.   Select the button and your configuration panel should open.  It may take a minute.



3) Once your configuration details open simply select the 'Copy to Clipboard' button and paste the results into a text file and attach it to your email response to Technical Support.



4) Next, obtain copies of both your 'User' and 'System' Path variables.  Paste them into another text file and also attach them to your response to Technical Support.  You may find your 'User' and 'System' path variables by doing the following on your Windows system:

  1. Go to your 'System Settings' within control panel.  Select the Advanced Tab and click the Environment Variables button.

  2. You will see 'Path' variables for both the System and User environments as highlighted below.   We need to know both of these values.  First you can highlight the User Path variable and click edit.


  3. A window should open that allows you to edit or examine the Path variable.   If you click the Edit Text button as pictured below (Fig A), it should open a second window where you can copy the entire Path Variable, again as per pictured below.

    Fig A:

    Fig B:

  4. Once you copy the 'Variable Value' please add it to another text file and send to Technical Support.
  5. Finally, follow the same process above for the 'System Path' variable and also include it in your response to Technical Support.
  6. Please be aware that your version of Windows may look a little different.  If this is the case please have your Service Desk assist you in identifying the above locations for your User and System Path variables to include within your technical support request.


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